Custom Cat Toys & Gifts

Fun, customizable and playful handmade catnip cat toys 

100% filled with organic catnip and silvervine grown in USA

Our Toys

Our toys are handmade in Massachusetts.

We love when you customize your toys so let us know how we can create a one-of-a-kind toy or gift for you.

We use a blend of catnip and silvervine grown in the USA.  If your cats do not typically respond to catnip, you may find that they may respond to our blend of catnip and silvervine. 

We make each toy to order so that the catnip and silvervine stays fresh and potent when it is delivered.  

Our Story

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Our Local Shelter

Playing with catnip and silvervine is a great way for your cat to de-stress. Post-play, when they are at their most chillax, is typically a great time for bonding and cuddling (particularly for the non-snugglers). That is why we donate our products to a local rescue shelter so that their cats will hopefully bond with their new families.

Handmade in Massachusetts

Each toy is handmade with wool felt, eco-felt or fleece and 100% filled with catnip and a blend of silvervine grown in the USA. 

As much as physically possible, we fill each toy full of catnip as it makes for a better and more potent product.  We rarely use poly fiber fillers.  We do not use glue.

We make each toy to order so that the catnip and silvervine stays fresh and potent when it is delivered.  As such, your purchase may take a little extra time to be made and shipped.  We appreciate your patience.  

Thank you for your business and support!



Mia LOVES the toys.  They're so cute.  Ellie, NC 


Needless to say, Striker loves his toy!  Erin, MA


Our muse, Mia, loves his toys!  MA  

Beautiful Note from one of our "Playfoodie"

"To the good people at PlayFood Cat - A little over a year ago, I adopted a nine-year old Abyssinian cat from a setting in which she was experiencing inordinate stress.  When she came to live with me, two friends gave her one of your Fish n Chips.  Initially she slept on it for four days as she eased into transitioning to her new home.  She continues to hang out with one or more of your wonderfully creative PlayFood Cat toys every day.  Thank you for all the help and enjoyment you've given her!  Annie, MA